With a Higher Engine Output, Refined Build Quality and Huge Dimensions, a New or Used RAM 2500 Makes For the Perfect Hauling Vehicle in Allentown and Bethlehem

RAM 2500

RAM has been the dominant name among Dodge's numerous offerings for more than 20 years. Seeing the huge popularity of the RAM brand name, parent company Chrysler went on to give the vehicles an actual nameplate, separating it from the Dodge moniker. Till now, RAM has produced around 3 vehicles in its 4 year run; the 1500, 2500 and the 3500. As you may have guessed, the numbers represent the amount of power within each model, the 1500 being the entry level pickup while the 3500 is the top gunner.

Therefore, the RAM 2500 acts as a mediator between power and affordability, being able to haul heavy loads across Allentown and Bethlehem while not being as much of a gas guzzler as its heavier counterpart. Normally, we would recommend going for a newer vehicle over a used one, but since even the oldest RAM is just 3 years old, we find that a used RAM 2500 will serve as a better investment, thanks to the lower premiums associated with the latter.


All used RAM 2500 models come with a V8 engine; a choice of 5.7 liter and 6.7 liter engine is available. The former is able to go about generating 383hp with 400pounds of torque per feet, while the higher capacity version with six cylinders is able to produce a lower 350hp. Don't make judgments just yet; wait till you hear about the torque. The turbodiesel 6.7 liter cranks out an astounding 650pounds of torque per feet, enough to pluck out a house right out of its underpinnings. This torque goes even higher if you go for the six speed automatic instead of a manual at a beastly 800pounds. No wonder Rams are referred to as earth movers.


There are a variety of body styles available in used RAM 2500 models, ranging from a Mega Cab to a Crew Cab. The former aims for higher interior spacing on the compromise of bed length, while the latter sports a larger bed length. Naturally, the Crew would make a better choice if you plan on hauling heavy loads across Allentown and Bethlehem.

If you are interested in buying a used RAM 2500, wed suggest going through our inventory where you'll find these models with varying features such as Bluetooth connectivity and even off road packages.

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