Dodge Journey: How to Deal With A Mechanic When It Comes To Your Wagon

Dodge Journey

Some of us, when making a decision to take in a car for servicing, treat it like a battle on its own. To get the most out of the maintenance, you need to learn how to best deal with the person responsible for it.

Tell Everything

A good car owner is able to tell the mechanic everything that he or she knows which is wrong with the car. This makes it easier for the mechanic to get to the bottom of things and diagnose what is really wrong with your Dodge Journey. A handy tip would be if you just jot down on a piece of paper every time you notice something's up with the vehicle for instance specific sounds, leaks, and what happened right before the Dodge Journey stopped running in the middle of the road.

Be Real About How Much It Costs

Quick and cheap do not exist in a car repair world where the car keeps purring for a long time. Make sure you leave your vehicle with the technician for a longer period of time and then reasonably pay for the repairs and labor. The best part about this vs. a quick and cheap situation is that it probably saves you money getting all the repairs done once instead of keep on coming back each time the car breaks down for a quick fix.

Be Nice, Your Mechanic Isn't a Car Washer

This does not just extend to common courtesy but can also influence how well the technician has repaired the Dodge Journey. Clear out the clutter from your ride before you present it for a repair. A mechanic may need to remove the stuff in your trunk to access parts of the car anyway.

Be There

After you get a cost estimate before you drop off your car with the mechanic, make sure you leave a contact number with the technician too. Many times mechanics need to call you for approvals for the repair, which if unapproved will be delayed and the car won't be repaired in time. Plus a mechanic may need to contact you in case he or she needs to add something that will incur more expenses and they need your go ahead on that.

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