Used 2010 Chrysler Town & Country: A Car in Which to Distract My Kids


Used 2010 Chrysler Town & Country

These blog posts are from guest authors who bought cars from us and wanted to share their stories.

Going on vacation with your kids and that too by road can leave you pulling your hair out towards the end of it. If you go with my two kids, a 16-year-old boy with raging hormones and a 13-year teenage girl with nothing better to do then mouth off and throw tantrums, you will surely never even think about going on another vacation again. However, we were brave enough to go the second time during their summer break. The only reason I agreed to go after the pure dread they put me through last time was that my husband promised me that he would purchase a car that would keep the kids occupied and our minds sane.

The deal was struck and we got the 2010 Chrysler Town & Country. As soon as my kids saw the interior of the car, they began talking excitedly. My husband and I took the car out for a spin and took the kids with us. My kids were delighted at the bundle of kid-friendly features they had access to in the back. My husband and I gave each other a nod of approval and told the kids that it may be time to hit the road.

That night we packed everything and left the house in the early hours of the morning. The children slept throughout the morning drive and only woke up when we stopped at a rest stop to freshen up and eat. After the kids were recharged, we feared an argument would break out soon. They sat in the car looking and feeling content, which was something neither of us had witnessed before.

They both took out a movie they mutually agreed on to see. My son inserted it in the vehicle's DVD player and they both watched it on their individual DVD screens. For a whole hour, we only heard them laughing at scenes from the movie. Besides my kids, my husband also had a broad smile on his face. He was ecstatic to use the voice-automated navigation system featuring real-time traffic updates. Another reason for his happiness was that he wouldn't have to hear from his wife about being lost. To me, this car is living proof that my husband does something right from time to time.

– Dave F.

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