The 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier is My Best Love

2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

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I recently bought the 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier and I couldn't be any more happier with my choice. I like living on the edge, which means, give me a car that I can drive around in the harshest of weather conditions. I wanted a car that could plough through heavy rain, ice, snow, and still run dandy. People tell me why I don't just buy a large car, and I say because I do not like my girls tall.

The Cavalier was just my type of girl. Every night, we go on long drives and unlike other cars; she doesn't like making frequent rest stops at the gas station. This beautiful gal has taken me 30 mpg without stopping for a refill. Commuting to work has never been this easier. When there is traffic, I can easily maneuver this vehicle dashing from left to right to get to my destination. My love also keeps itself fit and in shape.

I remember when there was one parking spot left and on each side of it were two beastly cars. I gripped the steering wheel tight and took a chance. Guess what, the car fit in nicely in that tight spot as well as leaving me some space to get out. Most importantly, this one is not the jealous type, and quickly became part of the family of cars that lives in the garage. Although the other cars might feel neglected, as I drive this car the most when going out. Plus, I love it when people compliment it.

People who wondered why I prefer driving a small car are the ones wanting to take it out for a drive. Each person who has taken it out for a drive has actually bought the same car. Two of my friends have bought this car. When we plan to go somewhere, we take the same car to witness the expression on people's faces as they see us drive past. My girl has managed to win over all my friends and has become in with the boys.

I bow down to the car that has now been with me for over a year. In fact, I am thinking about purchasing another Chevy Cavalier, but this one for my human girlfriend. This car will stay with me for life, “till death do us apart.”

- Miguel M.

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