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DIY Solutions for Your Vehicles Upholstery

Being a car owner, there isn't anything worse than seeing stained and tattered looking seats, along with dirty carpets. Yes, we at Kelly CDJR are talking about all the dirty interior parts of your vehicle; in particular, we are talking about the upholstery. If you are the frequent traveling sort, then we assume your upholstery must also need more attention. In between busy schedules, we are sure that you won't have the time to visit the expert cleaners, and that's why we have the right DIY solutions for you!

DIY #1 Wash the Fabric of Your Car Seats

The first cleaning method, which you could use, is to dilute about two tablespoons of bleach free dishwasher solution with small amounts of washing soda. Pour this mixture in to two cups of warm water and spray or apply it on the covering fabric of your vehicle seats and vacuum them.

Once you vacuum all the seats, use a dry towel, and wipe them. After this process, the seats might still be damp so pull down all the side windows to allow some fresh air inside. Use the vacuum and clean the seats once more. This will leave your car looking neat with a nice scent. To add more fragrance, you can use one of your favorite scents and use a clean cloth to rub some of it on the surface. The results will be spectacular.

DIY #2 Getting Rid of Tough Stains

Were you drinking your favorite star buck's coffee on the way to work and it spilled right away? On the other hand, did you use some ink to sign important documents? Removing coffee, ink, and grease stains can be very difficult. However, here are some DIY tricks for you to try out:

Spills of Coffee

If coffee spills, then hurry and grab some paper towels and dab the surface, which helps to soak away as much as possible. Keep in mind that rubbing is not a wise decision; instead it could lead to the spread of the spill to other areas. If the stain doesn't leave the spot, then use some glass cleaner and spray it on the area, let this stay for about five minutes, then blot.

Stains of Ink

You can effortlessly get rid of ink stains by using a hairspray. Spray some of it on the ink mark and use a clean cloth to dab it away. To remove ink stains from your car carpets, you can also use some salt and water to remove the ink patches. Let this mixture settle on the spot for some time and then gently wipe it away.

Grease Stains

Kids these days have the habit of eating anything at anytime, even in cars. Soon you will have grease stains. Grease stains are easy to handle and remove, all you have to do is dab some with a clean cotton cloth in some paint thinner, which will help to remove the grease marks soon enough. All you have to do is apply some of it in the solution and dab the spot. Finish the process by vacuum cleaning it one last time and let it dry.

Who could have thought these simple DIY tips could make your life so much easier. For further details and more information on new and used cars, visit us, Kelly CDJR in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Emmaus.

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